Notifiable Data Breach Reporting White Paper



From 22 February 2018, businesses in Australia are required to report a data breach when it is “likely to result in serious harm” to an individual whose personal information is breached.

The Notifiable Data Breach Scheme broadly applies organisations covered by the Australian Privacy Principles (APPs).

There are large fines for those companies that do not adhere to the new rules, not to mention significant costs regarding infrastructure damage, loss of work and productivity, breach of trust and loss of reputation.

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What’s in the White Paper?

  1. What is a data breach?
  2. Who needs to notify?
  3. What are my obligations in the event of a data breach?
  4. Why is mandatory reporting important?
  5. How should you prepare for a data breach?
  6. How do you respond to a data breach?
  7. What you should consider?
  8. How do you build trust after a breach?
  9. The questions to ask right now